Have you tried Smart Shortlist yet?

Have you tried Smart Shortlist yet?

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Have you tried Smart Shortlist yet?

RecruitPack’s latest update brought you the “Smart Shortlist” to make your shortlist decision-making easy, quick and accurate by identifying and prioritising the best Applicants to your Job.

The system needs a certain amount of pertinent information to do this and that sets the standard for setting up your jobs in RecruitPack.

You’re probably already collecting most of this information already but here is a quick checklist to ensure you get the most from this new feature:

  • Set an appropriate benchmark (you’ll still be able to toggle Benchmarks later)
  • Set at least 15 Screening Questions, using the full range of weightings (0-9)
  • Use Essential Questions accurately… if answered adversely, the applicant will not be Smart Shortlisted
  • Require a Salary
  • Request Work Hours Availability and set the hours you need covered

Then, to see your top five applicants, simply got to Applicant>View Shortlist

  • The top five (5) Applicants will be shown in preference order, marked with a diamond.
  • Where there is a Classic All Report, we’ll show you a miniature in line… hover to see detail and click for the full report.
  • Optional views show all the familiar detail and functions of View Applicants, all on the same page.

The new View Shortlist page identifies and prioritises the best Applicants to your Job, in a flash.

  Up to five top Applicants are displayed, in order down the page, marked with a diamond icon… the best at the top.

 The ranking is based on an intelligent mix of the criteria set on your job … plus other metrics derived from invisible meta-data.

  Smart Shortlist removes the time-consuming evaluation of multiple data-points (stars, ticks, salary and so on)

  Smart Shortlist uses important meta-data, making for a more rapid, accurate and objective appraisal of your applicant pool.

  Smart Shortlist frees you for the vital task of engaging quickly with the top people, before other employers do.

Try it, you can always go back to the standard View Applicants but we believe you will really like this.

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