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Employee Engagement eBook

Employee Engagement

In this guide we are focusing on high-impact, low-cost strategies that will provide immediate results, and continuous, sustainable improvement over the long term.

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Recruitment eBook Hiring Winners

Hiring Winners

A step-by-step process, highlighting the important stages of an efficient and effective recruitment process, how to implement them, and what to avoid.
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Cost of Recruitment Calculator

Cost of Recruitment Calculator

This Spreadsheet allows you to enter a range of variables to determine your cost of recruitment. This was originally produced as a result of a comment on our blog post Formula for Hiring Costs.

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Cost of Recruiting Tool Image

Cost of Recruiting Tool

This calculator has been produced by the Government of South Australia to help employers understand their costs.

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Employee Engagement infographic 300px

Employee Engagement Infographic

This guide attempts to simplify the sometimes complex issues that are at the core of employee engagement, and present them as a priority list for action. It is a condensed version of our blog post Employee Engagement: The Really Simple Guide

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Image of Infographic

How to Write a Great Job Ad

A lot of our after-sales care has to do with helping our customers produce attention-grabbing ads that encourage the best applicants to apply for the jobs they have to fill. This infographic comes from our post “Six Keys to Better Job Advertising“.

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