enableHR HR & WHS Management Systems

enableHR is used by over 8,000 businesses as their trusted HR and WHS Solution.

It's the fast way to adopt HR best practice and achieve HR & WHS compliance.


enableHR_logo_HR_&_WHS_Management_SystemsHR Software Simplifying Process Management & Compliance

Backed by lawyers and built by HR practitioners, our human resources management software provides a centralised platform to ensure HR consistency and control, while increasing compliance and protection of your business.

enableHR offers SMEs round-the-clock protection with everything at your fingertips to streamline day-to-day HR & WHS management and deliver best practices in employee life-cycle management efficiently and cost effectively.

enableHR provides:

  • Employment contracts, HR templates, policies, tools and more
  • Best practices in Employment Management
  • Guides for complying with Awards and APES
  • Stress free Candidate Management
  • Compliant Contractor Management
  • Effective Work Health & Safety Management
  • Training & Qualifications Management
  • Online Performance Appraisals
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Ready and trusted exchange of data with payroll Solutions
  • Self Service for employees
  • Central, secure, accessible platform 24x7

Nuage Software – makers of industry-leading recruitment and hiring software platform RecruitPack – partners with enableHR to deliver a better way of handling your day-to-day HR and WHS management needs and help you drive your HR investment further.

It's the fast way to adopt HR best practice and achieve HR & WHS compliance, plus sync from leading Australian Payroll solutions to enableHR eliminating data duplication.

Pricing is based on modules and the number of staff, making it one of the most affordable HR recruitment and management software platforms for small companies and while being completely scalable for large organisations. Talk to us about your needs today.

Three easy ways to leverage enableHR:

  1. Purchase enableHR from us and we'll set up and train your users so you can manage it yourself
  2. Bundle enableHR with our other services RecruitPack to enjoy a full suite of powerful systems
  3. Outsource your HR management to us and benefit from simultaneous access to your employment records.

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