Business Case for Recruitment Software
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Hiring the Wrong People is Costly – in Every Way

RecruitPack can help you avoid those "bad hires" who look good at interview but under-perform on the job. By identifying misfits in attitudes and values at the time of application, you can eliminate them early and focus on the best candidates.

RecruitPack allows you to consistently shortlist the best applicants and secure them before your competitors do. With its unique blend of psychometric tools, screening tools and benchmarking, you can quickly identify those with the can-do skills, will-do attitudes, and the fit-to characteristics for your role and your organisation.

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Better employees mean bigger profits

The business case is a no-brainer really! Our clients report between four to ten times Return On Investment (ROI) depending on how much weight they give to the intangible benefits. You might like to calculate your current cost of hiring using one of the free calculators available here.

Then, of course, there is all the time you save with online applications, straight into the database, and an intuitive interface for assessing and communicating.

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Great Results

RecruitPack will give you better results on all of your recruitment for the whole year for less than an agency would charge for one assignment. In many ways, our service is akin to having your own recruitment consultant on retainer with our easy monthly subscription.

RecruitPack is cloud based and there are

  • no capital costs,
  • no compatibility issues and
  • no maintenance fees.

You always have access to the latest version via a web browser wherever you happen to be.
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Productivity in the Office

Subscription Pricing

RecruitPack is a great investment producing both immediate and long-term returns. Our goal is to provide the best predictive hiring solution to give you great outcomes and long-term continuous improvement on your bottom line.

Take advantage of our free demo to see how we might work together to achieve the results you need. Together we will analyse your current situation and where you want to be, which will then determine your optimum subscription for best results. You will not be disappointed!

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