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Free First Aid Posters and Guides

Free First Aid Posters and Guides

First Aid in the workplace is not something most workers have to think about, until it is needed. Managers, however, have a responsibility to ensure resources are on hand to cope with incidents whether they be minor mishaps or full-on emergencies. Although we don’t often promote other companies, and we are not affiliated with Alsco in any way, this range of free resources may be very useful to many of our customers and readers so we felt it was worth a mention.

First Aid in the workplace – The Model Code of Practice:

“The WHS Regulations place specific obligations on a person conducting a business or undertaking in relation to first aid, including requirements to:

  • provide first aid equipment and ensure each worker at the workplace has access to the equipment
  • ensure access to facilities for the administration of first aid
  • ensure that an adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid at the workplace or that workers have access to an adequate number of other people who have been trained to administer first aid.”

Free First Aid posters and guides

Alsco are one of the leading providers of linen, workwear and hygiene services, and Alsco First Aid Services promote safe environmental work practices and provide products that help make your workplace safer, healthier and greener. They aim to help you to maintain your WHS compliance by providing all your safety needs from fully stocked First Aid Kits to Safety Training Courses. As part of that aim, they have released a range of resources that you can download for free at Alsco First Aid resource materials

Included for free:

  • High-quality, printable first aid signs and posters for your workplace
  • An extensive glossary of useful first aid terms and phrases
  • A first aid register to make recording workplace accidents easier
  • A FREE eBook – the Beginner’s Guide To First Aid Workplace Compliance

Although they refer to their eBook as a “Beginner’s Guide” I found it to be a useful checklist for first aid compliance and risk management. Even if you are well acquainted with the requirements, you may find it useful as training tool for other staff.

Not surprisingly, there is some promotion of their other services for maintaining first aid kits, training programs and their learning management system but it is all low key and you may well be interested in what they can offer. Here’s that link again Alsco First Aid resource materials