How Hiring Choices Impact Employee Engagement
Finding great employees – checking the CV

Finding great employees – checking the CV

Great employees are great assets. If your job is to evaluate applications to find to find the best candidate, you will know that what you see and hear isn’t always what you get. Here we look at some of the problems with resumes and interviews and offer some suggestions to overcome them.

Can you believe that resume?

The resume is a sales document designed to present the applicant in the best light and move them forward into an interview. There is a natural tendency to leave out negatives, and maybe embellish the truth a little.  Some go a lot further such as Andrew Flannigan who landed a $400k job with Myer based on a fake CV (The Age 2015)  or Jenifer Anne Reed who posed as a nurse for over five years using a namesake’s qualifications (The News 2015).  So, who do you believe?   Edgar  Allan Poe said it best “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

We suggested some checks in an earlier post Is That Reference Fake? and here is a great infographic from our friends at Live Recruitment in the UK.Top Cv Lies and how to spot them